Masayuki Ida


Started his career in Software Science field. Then in Information Systems and in AI and Lisp field in parallel, after that, he became Professor in business school for E-Commerce, Digital transformation, and Applied AI. Took PhD in March 1981. Kept Massachusetts Institute of Technology AI Lab relation for over 10 years. Taught graduate school courses for his last 20 years on the following 5 area. 1)net-business action-learning class for strategic arrangement of digital business, 2)presentation skills as applied AI, 3)Artificial Intelligence advanced class, 4)Global IT for global advancement of IT and its market, and 5)IT solution for digital transformation.

Wide experiences on teaching/speaking in English for foreign countries. Mostly, teaching on MIS, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Global IT systems, E-commerce systems design and operation, International Businesses, Business negotiation, Programming Principles, IT solutions, and their project works. He has long time experiences on arranging active learning.

Served public/governmental works/committees, as well as executive corporate management, consultancy, and incubation/entrepreneurship, for worldwide cases during over 40 years.

略歴 青山学院大学大学院国際マネジメント研究科教授を2020年3月に定年退職。青山学院大学名誉教授。青山学院大学大学院理工学研究科経営工学専攻博士課程修了、工学博士。同理工学部、国際政治経済学部を経て大学院研究科所属。学校法人青山学院副院長・理事、非営利組織理事長、委員会委員長、企業実務・起業支援等を経験。80年代より企業情報システムの研究と並行して人工知能分野のCommon Lisp言語仕様開発・制定、オブジェクト指向機能設計に従事し、1993年、2002年、2012年にMIT人工知能研究所Visiting Scientist。ハノイ工科大学経営学部および大学院での正規科目集中講義等、海外出講および講演経験。研究科(ビジネススクール)にてデジタルビジネスインフラ、Eコマース関連分野を専門とし、ITマネジメント、グローバルIT、AAL IBP、プレゼンテーションスキル、上級OIS・特論(人工知能)を担当


STUDY and RESEARCH Appointments

Aoyama Gakuin University                                                                                                   Tokyo, Japan

[Apr.1974– Mar.1981] Student, Master of Engineering and Ph.D ,

Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering.

Earned his Ph.D in March 1981

Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                                             Boston, MA

[Apr.1993 – Mar. 1994] Visiting Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

[Mar.2002– Aug.2002] Visiting Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

[Jun.2012 – Aug.2012] Guest Researcher, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

University of Houston                                                                                                           Houston, TX

[Aug.1996– Sep.1996] Guest Lecturer and Advisor, Center for High Performance Computing

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology                         Tsukuba, Japan

[July 1998– Mar.1999] Center of Excellence Visiting Scientist, Dept. Information Architecture

Center for Internationalization of Computer and Communications                       Tokyo, Japan

[Dec.2003– Mar.2010] Visiting Senior Scientist, International Information Technology Laboratory



Aoyama Gakuin University                                                                                                      Tokyo, Japan

[Apr.1981 – Mar.1988] School of Science and Engineering

Research Associate, Assistant Professor, and then Associate Professor

[Apr.1988 – Mar.1995] Associate Professor, Information Science Research Center

Project leader for three campus network and unified login system connecting to WIDE

[Apr.1995 – Mar.2001] School of International Politics, Economics and Business

Associate Professor, then Professor

[Apr.2001 – Mar.2020]Professor, Graduate School of International Management

[Apr.2020 -  present] Professor Emeritus

Aoyama Gakuin Educational Foundation

[May 2010 –Dec.2011] Vice Chancellor (July 2010 – June 2011) and Trustee (May 2010 – Dec.2011)

Hanoi University of Science and Technology                                                                 Hanoi, Vietnam

[Jan.2011 – present (occasional)] Visiting Professor for intensive classes

VNU Ho Chi Minh, University of Science                                                                        Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

[Jan.2013 – Jan.2017 (occasional)] Guest Lecturer for intensive classes

Yamanashi Eiwa Gakuin                                                                                                           Yamanashi, Japan

[Apr.2020-  present] Trustee (Part-time, 6 times board meeting attendance duty a year)



Governmental Public Organizations

[1987 - 1996] X3J13 Standardization Committee for Common Lisp, for ANSI          the United States of America

Principal member, Public Review Group Chair (1992-1994)

[1986 - 1992] Chair, Common Lisp Committee, Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA)

[1991,1992, 1995] JICA short term experts

Singapore AI Center (1991 and 1992 each for two weeks)

Argentine Information Technology Education Center (1995 for two weeks)

[2003 - 2005] Review Board member, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

[2003 - 2011] Chair, Asia Open Source Software Roundtable, CICC

[Apr.2004 - Jun.2004] Principal member, IT International Policy Discussion Table     Cabinet Office of Japan

[Aug.2004,Aug.2005, Feb.2006] Principal lecturer, OSS leadership training, and

[Apr.2012 and Dec.2016] Guest Advisor

The above two for the Dept. of High Technology,         Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam

[Mar.2012] Guest Advisor, iGreen Data Center/IT Park, Vietnam National University           HCMC, Vietnam


International Private Organizations

[2005 - 2011] International Association of Methodist related Schools, Colleges and Universities (IAMSCU)

Vice President (Feb.2009-Feb.2011)

[1988 - 1997] Free Software Foundation, USA

[May 2002 - May 2003] Free Software Initiative of Japan, Founding President



Fortran77 compiler for NEC Mainframe as the project leader      Apr.1979 – Sep.1980

Several commercial basic software developments

Embedded systems programming, Banking system programming, Lisp language system

Experimental Software Systems for his Research Outputs


Other Organizational Works

Running User Groups as voluntary executive such as Symbolics, Sun Microsystems

Incubation Supports for the startups

Committee works on alliance organizations for Private Educational Institutions in Japan

Japan Universities Association for Computer Education,

Japan Society for Promotion of Science,

Japan University Accreditation Association


SKILLS and EXPERTISE on Educational works

Teaching Technologies

Assembly language based Device Control, Fortan, Cobol, Java, CLOS object system,

TCP/IP network, Lisp, Artificial Intelligence

Teaching Business Digitalization, and Supporting Startup Processees

e-Commerce strategy, e-Commerce infrastructure, Web strategy, IT management, Global IT,

Presentation Skills, Cognitive Science, Computer Communication, International Business,

Business Planning, MIS, IoT, AI basics, AI Applications

Doctoral thesis supervised

Graduated three doctor course students in Business Administration

Intensive education in Foreign Countries

Vietnam, Cambodia, Argentine, Brazil, Ecuador



The list for Papers, Books, Conference papers, and others suppressed. Available upon request.


As of April 19,2020 (minor update on Dec 26,2020)